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Covid-19 Services

We offer a variety of different services and equipment for SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19); ranging from simple disinfection to deep cleaning and overnight disinfection techniques. Utilizing the latest technology and EPA approved disinfectants, you can rest assured that your family, employees or customers will be safe. From residential to commercial buildings and warehouses, we cover all sizes and facets of space. Porous materials such as cloth, upholstery and carpet require much different methods than hard surfaces. If anyone in your general vicinity has been exposed or diagnosed to Covid-19, it is imperative that you act fast. Our employees have been trained and certified for Covid remediation as well as IICRC certified for general pathogen and microbial remediation. Do not hesitate to give us a call so we can formulate the right protocol and answer any questions you might have. Emergency services offered.

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