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Tile & Grout

Tile and grout cleaning can present a unique set of challenges. Most tiled surfaces tend be in places you would prefer to not see dirt and grime. We restore tile of all types, shapes and sizes. Supplement your own cleaning routine with regular visits from our friendly professionals. Discover the most effective tile and grout cleaning services offered in Ventura and Santa Barbara County. Let us revitalize your tile and grout with professional cleaning and sealing.


• Grout – The grout between your tiles is textured and porous. Unfortunately, this consistency  makes it easy for dirt, germs, and mold to collect and very difficult clean. Having your grout done by experts on a regular basis gets rid of a dirty surface and leaves you with a bright, renewed kitchen or bathroom.


• Tile - Tile has the unfortunate quality of collecting layers of soap residue that trap dirt and germs beneath them. Our effective cleansers and powerful equipment professionally strip away these unsightly layers, letting your tile’s natural finish shine through.

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